ISC conference call - 15th January 2019

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ISC conference call - 15th January 2019
Title ISC conference call - 15th January 2019
Location Google Hangout
Date Start 2019/01/15
Date End 2019/01/15


  1. Revised DINA MoC: approval of contract clause (see mail from James) and next steps (legal review, signing)
  2. Any other business
  3. Next meeting


Participants: Fredrik, James, Falko, guest: Rolf (legal expert MfN)

  1. Approval of the agenda.
    • The meeting focussed on the revision of the DINA MoC only.
  2. Revision of DINA MoC: contract clause, next steps.
    • all participants agreed on James' contract clause
    • MfN is planning to initiate a national DINA node, thus MfN will have national (development) contracts and would coordinate / commit the outcomes to the international DINA
    • in order to faciliate this, MfN suggests that the MoC could become a MoU and the contributions of DINA core members could be regulated in development contracts between the core members only.
    • Falko & Rolf (MfN) will provide two drafts as examples: revised DINA MoU and a exemplary development contract
  3. Any other business.
    • still to do (@Falko): DINA Task Group: TDWG Biodiversity Services & Clients Interest Group
  4. Next meeting.
    • 5th March 2019

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