ISC conference call - 26th August 2020

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ISC conference call - 26th August 2020
Title ISC conference call - 26th August 2020
Location Google Hangouts
Date Start 2020/08/26 13:00 UTC
Date End 2020/08/26 15:00 UTC


  1. Election of a secretary for the meeting
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
  4. NRM decision on collection management systems (Fredrik)
  5. Review of DINA ISC decisions (Redmine)
  6. Report from DINA TC (Satpal)
  7. Signing of the new DINA MoU
  8. Non-profit DINA organization followup (Falko)
  9. Development contracts (Falko and James)
  10. Operation and maintenance contracts (James, Satpal, Fredrik)
  11. SPNCH and TDWG meetings update
  12. Partner reports
  13. Any other business
  14. Next meeting



  1. Election of a secretary for the meeting

Elspeth Haston

  1. Approval of the agenda

Agenda was approved

  1. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

Minutes were approved

  1. NRM decision on collection management systems
  • No decision as yet
  • Markus England leaving for another job
  • Fredrik needs agreement between AAFC and NRM for SeqDB
  • Contract could be renamed as an MOU, acknowledgement of expectations and collaboration could be appended to MOU as a formalised handshake
  • Text to be drafted and sent to AAFC (FR)
  • AAFC will be moving away from the existing SeqDB to a DINA version. Legacy SeqDB will be supported for the next 2 years or so with the idea that NRM would then transition to DINA.
  • NRM metagenomics starting to generate data now, high throughput processing and sequencing will start in the next few months.
  • Possibility of NRM staff working with AAFC on metagenomics side of DINA SeqDB
  • AAFC working on transition mechanism for SeqDB, everything being developed from this time will form part of the DINA SeqDB.
  1. Review of DINA ISC decisions
  • Decision that we should continue to use Redmine for contract agreements, MOU development etc.
  • Otherwise we will use the minutes to record actions and decisions.
  • Documentation page to be created on the wiki to show where everything will be saved and recorded (FG)
  1. Report from DINA TC
  • Installation of OpenShift near finalisation and will be replicated: dev, UAT and production
  • Targeting production in next month (Multi-media and agents and sequencing)
  • SeqDB - Falko hired 4 developers
  • Meeting with AAFC to start integrating the teams and develop terminology for use between institutes to aid communication and collaboration
  • Still disconnect between high level information packages and implementation in code
  • AAFC have 3 developers to support work
  • Collaboration between AAFC and MfN is having a positive impact on documentation
  • Launching of DINA standards - could be written up as white papers and wireframes, particularly for use within DiSSCo
  • Help with some elements, including Glossary, will be appreciated (FR & EH)
  • The Technical Team is working in a Googledoc on a daily basis and the GitHub repo ( is being updated less frequently.
  • It was agreed that the overview should be uploaded to the wiki and more technical information relating to it can go into GitHub
  • Work is starting on the Collection Management module, including mock ups. It will include Collection event, material sample, etc, and 6-8 months of high activity will be taking place
  • MfN is getting up to speed with their new developers and will support digitisation workflows, user interfaces, media data etc
  • Demo planned for October 2020 (before TDWG)
  1. Signing of the new DINA MoU
  • MfN have signed
  • Both AAFC struggling with covid, could potentially get it signed at a lower level of directorate
  • RBGE struggling with covid, reminder been sent again
  • FG pointed out the risk of duration from signing, could be useful to have a common date rather than a duration. This could be 5 years from the date of the first signature. To be checked (FG)
  1. Non-profit DINA organization followup
  • For time being, it was agreed at the previous meeting that MfN would organise anything for which a non-profit organisation would be needed.
  • DINA could be commissioned by DiSSCo and be funded for which a legal body would be required, since as a network, we cannot receive funding from DiSSCo.
  • MfN could be a potential DINA broker and this was discussed with MfN administration. Questions raised by them:
    • Would MfN be commissioned as a contractor
    • Could MfN be treated like a grantee or third party funding
    • Important due to tax laws in potential double taxation for other DINA members
    • How would the money be received (as a donation? which would be tax free but there would be no requirements of fulfillment of work)
  • Questions for DiSSCo team to be answered about an acceptable business model.
    • What other exchange of services need to be included?
      • eg support and development for making CMSs other than DINA fit for DiSSCo?
      • could be intellectual, ie checking criteria or could be technical development?
      • DiSSCo would need an API spec - this could be based on the DINA spec?
      • This would include the ability for external people to check systems against the DINA/DiSSCo api
      • This would include discussion between DINA within DiSSCo and other CMSs to build collaboration
  • Options for a non-profit organisation in Sweden to be investigated (FR)
  1. Development contracts
  • Since May no major updates
  • DiSSCo would have a big impact on the contract creation since they would potentially be needed for that, rather than within DINA. They could therefore be replaced within DINA by less formal agreements linked to the MOU or a GitHub issue assigned to a team with a deadline.
  • A Redmine ticket for this so that we record everything related to it to date, including original draft documents etc (FG)

  1. Operation and maintenance contracts
  • To be written up as an MOU and will create a ticket in Redmine (FR)
  1. SPNCH and TDWG meetings
  • SPNHC:
    • It was agreed that we should present at SPNHC 2021.
    • A workshop submission to be drafted (FG & JM)
    • An abstract for a presentation to be drafted (JM)
  • TDWG (19-23 October):
    • Symposium approved (Falko & Heimo) on wider CMS collaboration. Meeting this week to review abstract submissions
    • DINA talk will be given by Falko, focussing on benefits of DINA philosophy
    • Promotion of talk (ALL)
  1. Partner reports
  • NRM moving ahead with Living Atlas system and is main activity at present
    • Will be advertising Director of National Biodiversity Infrastructure
  • RBGE migration first pass complete
    • Specify made some change in data structure
  • MfN now have four developers on board
    • Generic data module, labels module, digitisation workflows and related software
    • By mid September new data manager will start
    • Controlled vocabulary could be pushed forward
    • Digitisation moving forwards with funding
  • AAFC
    • Moving on and making progress
  1. Any other business


  1. Next meeting

Wednesday 14 October 2020: Agenda to include Communication Strategy

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