ISC conference call - 8th December 2017

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ISC conference call - 8th December 2017
Title ISC conference call
Location Google Hangout
Date Start 2017/12/08 14:00 UTC
Date End 2017/12/08 16:00 UTC


  1. Election of a secretary for the meeting
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Review of DINA ISC decisions (Redmine)
  5. Report from DINA TC
  6. Report from TDWG
  7. Swedish Research Council support for Biodiversity Atlas Sweden, based on Atlas of Living Australia software: DINA implications
  8. Partner reports
  9. Any other business
  10. Next meeting


  1. Election of secretary for the meeting. Falko
  2. Approval of the agenda. Approved, added one item under "Any other business"
  3. Approval of the minues of the previous meeting. Approved
  4. Review of DINA ISC decisions (Redmine).
    • two items: MoC and data model decision
    • MoC: Should be adressed next year. Due date set to 1st June 2018
    • data model: was decided in the TC. Thus, ticket closed.
  5. Report from DINA TC.
    • TC call on 21st Nov.
    • introduction of new people
    • presentation of the Generic Data Module (developed by MfN)
    • report on Taxonworks
    • decision on user module => use Keycloak, but the plain version without sophisticated user interface
    • discussion on next face-to-face meeting: Copenhagen or alternatively in Berlin
  6. Report from TDWG.
    • meeting went well
    • interest in DINA: Meise, Madrid, Senckenberg
    • Meeting with Taxonworks people
      • interest for collaboration
      • more research focussed
      • Catalogue of Life+
      • Synthesys+ => European projects / funding => TODO: Elspeth gets in contact with NHM (Vince)
      • Dissco
  7. Swedish Research Council support for Biodiversity Atlas Sweden.
    • ALA modules => what can be re-used, what can be mutually developed?
    • look into ALA for collection management
    • Potential issue: Look into the (quite old) code base of ALA for evaluation of the updating effort
    • Atlas installed in Scottland => as step towards a Atlas UK
  8. Partner reports.
    • NRM
      • main thing: team grew (2 external consultants)
      • REACT interface
      • new project plan adopted
      • things are happening faster
      • Git flow process
      • user management module => plain implementation of Keycloak
    • Ottawa
      • 2 new members
      • still looking for one junior developers for DINA
      • SeqDB => bring code base up in 2018
    • MfN
      • beta release of Generic Data Module
      • interest of MorphDBase being DINA-compliant
      • offer to host first face-to-face meeting Feb. 2018 in Berlin
      • MfN became a member of BHL and will have a closer look to the connection of the BHL portal API and DINA
    • RBGE
      • (new) employee for data integration into Specify 7 => integration should be done by April 2018
  9. Any other business.
    • TDWG / SPNHC 2018 in Newsealand
      • DINA could propose a symposium
      • goals and communiction needs to be set before
      • hihglight the intergration of modules focussing on the existing use cases
      • we might need a dedicated remote meeting of planning as soon as the call for symposia is published
  10. Next meeting.

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