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Welcome to the DINA project!

The DINA consortium is an unincorporated international partnership among organizations and individuals for collaborative development of an open-source web-based information management system for natural history data. The system is intended for assembling, managing and sharing data associated with natural history collections and their curation. Target collections include zoological, botanical, geological and paleontological collections, living collections, observation records, and molecular data. more...


Conference: TDWG 2014 - Jönköping (Sweden), 27.-31. October 2014

The theme of this years TDWG conference is "Applications and Data Standards for Sustaining Biodiversity". It will include a symposium dedicated to "Distributed open-source development of collection management systems (Symposium S06)" and features several presentations by members of the DINA consortium.

The detailed program can be downloaded here.

Workshop: EU BON - Stockholm, 16.-18. September 2014

An EU-BON Workshop focusing on the DINA system - "Alpha version of mobilization system – the DINA-system" - was hosted the 16. to 18. September 2014 by the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.

The main target group were programmers, developers and system engineers, but the workshop was open to anybody who was interested to learn more about the DINA-system.

More information, presentations, etc can be found here.

Conference: Digital Specimen 2014 - Berlin, 08.-12. September 2014

A conference on digitization (especially of collection objects) with a strong focus on 3D digitization, but also on mass digitization.
Workshops, symposia and demonstrations conducted by agents from different international instititions (not only natural history collections) and companies.

Detailed agenda and registration:


Project structure and governance

Roadmap and architecture



Workshops, Meetings




Living organisms


Non-domain specific functionality (e.g., documentation on Specify "containers")

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