Minutes, ISC meeting 2014-11-05

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DINA International Steering Committee (ISC)
Google Hangouts Meeting 2014-11-05, 16.00-18.00 CET

Election of chairman and secretary for the meeting

  • Fredrik as chariman, Falko as secretary

Approval of the agenda

  • approved as it is
  • Morphbank moved to the top of the agenda (see here)

Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

  • No changes

DINA MoC and founding members

  • all founding members signed the MoC (4 core + 2 associate members)
  • as a result of the TDWG meeting many several other institutions as interested in DINA
  • updated version of the MoC in the wiki: "DINA / Specify" changed to "DINA"

DINA consortium web presence

  • DINA moved to biowikifarm
  • Falko volunteers to implement changes on the homepage and to integrate a different wiki skin
  • Fredrik volunteers to give suggestions for restructuring the homepage and navigation

Reports from meetings

  • DINA EU-BON workshop and hackathon, September 15-18 in Stockholm
  • TDWG 2014, October 27-31, Jönköping, Sweden
    • several people very interested in general idea
    • interested in the API and the product as soon as it is ready
    • time in TC meetings is limited => online meeting for guests should be arranged separately
    • we should open a meeting after the API is published (January 2015), so we have something to report and discuss to get specific questions from guests
    • but those external people might want to get more formal ISC information (e.g. on the MoC)

Technical Committee issues

  • DINA data components: technical Web API requirements
    • all in the ISC agreed: TC should decide on the API standard
  • DINA module map with web service blueprints
    • first draft by NRM => will be discussed on the wiki
  • DINA media server
    • requirement revision, review and quality control
    • make sure that the first release is compliant to the DINA API standard
  • DINA taxonomy module
    • each DINA partner should test the taxonomy
  • DINA user management module
    • single sign-on, authentication, permissions, roles etc across DINA modules ?
    • open issue: should there be a module manager / framework development / user management ?
    • internal vs. external services => still open issue, too
  • Any other business from TC
    • News on the collection manager?
      • we are not limited to the Specify6 data model, but could use an adapted model
      • all past and recent efforts in Specify6 should be still worth doing
        • we will create a Specify6-to-DINA migration path
        • nothing should go lost, but we can't guarantee backwards compatibility
    • (code) licenses
      • which license should be used ?
      • need for research / talking to organizations => work in progress
    • graphical identity for DINA
      • functional vs. beautiful => there should be an efficient workflow, so this can work in parallel
        • => create use cases / user stories!
      • NRM puts a proposal for a logo on http://www.99designs.com

Brief reports from members of the consortium (alphabetical order)


  • chance to get some developments funded via the project GFBIO


  • new people in Copenhagen: Martin, Thomas, David
  • Martin: rolling out Specify in Denmark
  • Thomas, David => DINA developments
  • new installation of Specify6 in Copenhagen
  • training
    • agreement to do 2 training courses with the Kansas team
    • exchange experiences from training courses
    • maybe we could use video streaming during the training


  • impressed by positive feedback on the DINA
  • migration to Specify 6 is going on => hard job, but visible progress
  • documenting special import workflows / solutions


  • API contribution, resources to make SEQ-DB DINA compliant
  • additional developer (0.5 FTE) => could do something for DINA
  • Agent manager (collectors, users etc). => Paul Morris could contribute knowledge and module
  • high interest in the taxonomy module => contribution could be done, too (testing phase involvement)
  • Morphbank PHP code base upgrade => testing will be done in Canada


  • media server: DINA compliance & Morphbank connection
  • Ottawa team could already test the media server module even if there is no compliance yet
  • web module for uploading Excel sheets


  • (not in the call)

Any other business

  • none

Next meeting

  • originally: 17th December 2014 15-17:00 CET (= UTC + 01:00)
  • postponed to 18th December 2014 samte time

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