Minutes, ISC meeting 2014-12-19

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DINA International Steering Committee (ISC)
Google Hangouts Meeting 2014-12-19, 15.00-17.00 CET


Falko Glöckler (MfN), Fredrik Ronquist (NRM), Markus Skyttner (NRM), Thomas Stjernegaard Jeppesen (NHMD), Martin Stein (NHMD)

Election of a secretary for the meeting

Martin Stein is elected secretary

Approval of the agenda

The agenda is approved without changes

Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

Falko Glöckler is assigned the task to asked to revise the minutes from the previous meeting for brevity

DINA consortium web presence

The new web presence of the project is www.dina-web.net (the Wiki remains the platform for the consortium) The first DINA modules developed by the Stockholm group are deployed on www.dina-web.net sub-domains; e.g. www.dina-web.net/loan The taxonomy module will be deployed there soon

DINA-TC (Technical Committee) issues:

Stefan Daume (NRM) is managing commission of the logo Requirements for the design are drafted. Deadline is not set yet.

Morphbank todo list (see http://dina-project.net)

Markus Skyttner is working on the VM image packaging as part of the january EU-BON delivery. It is not clear if Morphbank will already be part of package of server modules for the january delivery.

DINA data components: technical Web API requirements

Work has progressed so far that the specifications are now close to a first version. SC recommends the TC to immediately release the current version as version 1.0 of the standard.

DINA module map with Web service blueprints

SC recommends the TC to publish the module map discussed in Ottawa. Markus Skyttner is assigned the task to publish the module map on the Wiki and inform TC members. We should negotiate with our members in Tartu to make their PlutoF module map and API available to the TC.

DINA collection manager user interface

There is information on the GitHub Repository (http://dina-collections.github.io/style.html). Markus Skyttner is assigned to start a wiki page linking to the GitHub Repository and ask for comments.

DINA replacement for Specify Workbench

The Copenhagen group is developing a module that in the longer term will replace the Specify 6 Workbench. The aim is to improve data entry workflow with features such as extensive autocomplete for e.g. taxonomy (linked to the taxonomy module), and a customizable user interface that allows for better rearrangement and structuring of tabular and form views An API on the Specify schema associated with the workbench is being developed.

DINA media server: requirements revision, review and quality control

The media server is available on GitHub (https://github.com/Inkimar/dina-mediaserver). The Ottawa group is carrying out QA for the media server. Deadline for a DINA compliant deliverable is march

DINA taxonomy module: requirements revision, review and quality control

The Stockholm group is carrying out QA for the taxonomy module, the Copenhagen group expresses interest to participate in that. Dependencies for the module are in place.

DINA user management module: single sign-on, authentication, permissions, roles etc across DINA modules

Markus is assigned to ask Christopher Lewis if the Ottawa team would be willing to take on development of that module.

Any other business from DINA-TC

EU BON: The DINA package deliverable (VM) should be separate from PlutoF and JACQ. Licenses: the status of PlutoF as a fully open sourced project is not resolved yet. We need to decide on the license for the code; MIT or BSD style vs GPL v3, Fredrik will email to ask participating institutions to ask about licensing policies in their respective legal entities.

Brief reports from members of the consortium




The data integration team in Berlin will change in the next year. Migration of legacy data into Specify continues, but it is not clear how progress will be influenced by that organisational change. There are plans to use Drupal web form extensions to create a lightweight data entry front end as a temporary solution to user complaints about Specify.


The Stockholm team has developed a batch data entry tool for large-scale inventories like the Swedish Malaise Trap Project. This could be coordinated/integrated with the CPH workbench replacement efforts. NRM is making progress with the migration to Specify. NRM Geology has VR funding for a national infrastructureproject focused on microanalysis of geological samples. The facility will require online registration and imaging of samples, and web sharing of the analysis data. The aim is to develop this with a focus on maximizing the synergies with the needs in the development of the web-based DINA collection manager functionality.



The migration to Specify has started, and NHMD has taken the lead in extending the adoption of Specify as an interim solution to all Danish natural collections.

Any other business


Next meeting

February 9, 2015, 15:00-17:00 CET

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