Minutes ISC meeting 2015-03-26

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Election of a secretary for the meeting

  • Falko

Approval of the agenda

  • approved without changes

Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

  • minutes not uploaded yet, will be given later
  • main items last meeting were:
    • discussions about Specify 7 (now released)
    • one DINA member wants to use Specify 7
  • Decision : We will stick to the Specify data model until we have a collection manager interface

DINA-TC (Technical Committee) issues

  1. DINA software licensing
    • GPL for repositories
    • agreed on using open licences
    • TC will work out potential licenses and try to reach convergence
    • issue on licenses could be discussed in a special call of ISC + TC members
    • Decision: ISC needs a 1-page proposal on licensing from TC
  1. DINA logo
    • new logo is set and approved
    • license for font style and vector format is still missing, but the creator will be asked
    • DINALogo.png
  1. DINA data components: technical Web API requirements
    • close to being adopted
    • poll for approval will be arranged
    • Decision: ISC will endorse the API 1.0 once TC is ready with it
  1. DINA module map with Web service blueprints
    • high-level overview of the modules on GitHub
    • module map is needed for assigning tasks
  1. DINA collection manager user interface
    • The Stockholm team has started collecting requirements
  1. DINA replacement for Specify Workbench (Dina Data Tool)
    • GitHub presence of the online Workbench (DDT)
    • physical meeting between the teams of Stockholm and Denmark
    • CSV based archive format upload (workflows using non-SQL tools like OpenRefine)
  1. DINA media server
    • Requirements revision, review and quality control completed with help from Ottawa team and others
    • Part of integration project with Vagrant
  1. DINA taxonomy module
    • Stockholm team has starting to look at it together with the Tartu team
    • Also part of integration project using Vagrant
  1. DINA user management module
    • The TC needs to set up requirements for the user module before we formally assign this important task to one of the teams..
  1. Any other business from DINA-TC
    • none

Brief reports from members of the consortium

  • Berlin
    • one developer left
    • things went slowly through limited resources
    • submitted a national project proposal for re-organizing portal on geo-scientific collection data (www.geocase.eu); Could be a nice addition for a geo-module in the DINA system
  • Copenhagen
    • Specify customization
    • Rolling out Specify in Denmark will be done in 6 months
  • Edinburgh
    • absent
  • Ottawa
    • absent
  • Stockholm
    • New project could be the embryo of the collection manager
    • Alpha deliverable for EUBON project makes good progress
    • New layout with responsive design of the Naturalist / Naturforskaren, then the media server will be implemented in productive version
    • Karin will send the link to Naturforskaren (test platform)
  • Tartu
    • absent

Any other business

  • DINA Poster + Flyer for TDWG in Kenia
  • Anders Telenius will go there and send a poster
  • Karin will take the lead for developing the poster and flyer

Next meeting

  • 8th June 2015 15:00-17:00 CEST (13:00-15:00 UTC/GMT)

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