SETF conference call - 19. November 2014

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Time: 14:00 UCT

Location: Google Hangout


  1. Clarify SETF representation to the DINA Steering Committee (we should agree on a designated representative or a schedule for SETF members to fill this role)
  2. Result of vote on new name for SETF; adoption of new name
  3. Graphical presentation of DINA and DINA web address (tasks coming from the last ISC meeting)
    • Logo design
    • new Wiki skin
    • DINA domain name? Proposals so far:
      • or? ...
  4. DINA web API standard
    • pending comments?
    • agreement on structure
    • assignment of writing task per section
  5. Core collection management module
    • architecture outline - next steps?
    • setup of collaborative infrastructure
  6. ... any other business


Present: Falko, Kessy, Chris, Kevin, Markus, Ingimar, Thomas, Martin, Stefan, David

SETF representation to the DINA Steering Committee

  • the groups will take this in turns; Stefan will create a list/schedule for this
  • next ISC meeting is on 17. December 2014

Result of vote on new name for SETF

  • the vote for a new name ( came up with TC (Technical Committee) as the preferred new name for the SETF
  • the new name is hereby adopted
  • Stefan to change references to SETF on the wiki

Graphical presentation of DINA and DINA web address

  • New DINA Logo
    • this task has been passed on to us by the ISC
    • we will prepare a design contest for this
    • Markus to prepare an initial design brief, which will be reviewed by the group prior to publishing it
  • New Wiki skin
    • we will switch to the skin currently used by the Museum for Naturkunde Berlin
    • Falko will setup the new Wiki skin
    • the new skin requires some changes to the navigation links; Falko is working on this and will post a proposal soon
  • DINA domain name
    • requirements
      • should be web-friendly
      • searches should not lead to unrelated sites
    • and seem to be the best choices
    • Markus will register several combinations of those two (inlcuding ".museum")
    • still have to decide which will be used as the main URL we refer to
    • seemed to emerge as a favourite though

DINA web API standard

  • What is missing?
    • Thomas: addressing more complex relations between endpoints
    • It was decided to defer this to a later version of standard
  • it was agreed that the structure now covers the necessary main items and detailed rewriting can be done
  • Writing tasks for the sections split between the group:
    • Http methods (Thomas)
    • Passing parameters (Chris)
    • Reserved words (Falko)
    • Documentation (Kessy)
    • Authentication (Markus)
    • "remainder" (NRM)
  • timeline: next draft complete for review at next week's meeting

Core collection management module

  • we ran out of time ... however
  • sharing of code will be done via GitHub with one repo per module; Ingimar to move Media server code to the repo soon
  • more internal (organsitation) discussions seem to be required to decide on the best development approach - shared among partners (requiring a common technology stack) or primarily driven by one partner?

Action items

  • Stefan: create list for representation on ISC meetings
  • Stefan: update Wiki (change references to SETF)
  • Falko: update Wiki skin and provide proposal for new navigation structure
  • Markus: provide draft for logo design brief
  • Markus: register DINA domain name variations
  • Thomas, Chris, Falko, Kessy, Markus, NRM: draft assigned DINA API standard sections (see above)

Next meeting

  • Tentative: 26. November 2014, 14:00 UCT (call)

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