TC conference call - 14th of February 2017

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TC conference call - 14th of February 2017
Title TC conference call - 14th of February 2017
Location Adobe Connect virtual meeting room
Date Start 2017-01-31 14:00 UTC
Date End 2017-01-31 15:00 UTC


  • Update from partners on refining the DINA roadmap
  • Update on next steps with DINA taxonomy module
  • Update on adoption of DINA Collections Data Model v1.0


Taxonomy module

  • Update from JM on taxonomy module options:
    • collaboration with TaxonWorks seems interesting and interest has been indicated on their part as well
    • more detailed discussions are required, especially since their platform is built for a different purpose
    • the DINA TC agrees that this is an option worthwhile further exploration, but not with a timeline that matches the immediate need for a DINA taxonomy module
  • JM and team propose to base DINA taxonomy module on GBIF ChecklistBank, but with a fresh codebase build to purpose
  • in order to ensure progress according to the DINA roadmap the DINA TC agrees that the first version of the taxonomy module should support solely a read-only API, thus allowing to reference taxonomies
  • this allows for two options (GBIF ChecklistBank and ALA NameMatcher) that will be pursued by the NRM team
  • the DINA TC will assemble a workgroup to define a generic taxonomy API that can be implemented by the current read-only modules (GBIF ChecklistBank and ALA NameMatcher), with a view to plug-in more advanced options at a later stage; initially the workgroup will focus on basic read-only API endpoints and later seek input on the write options of the API from other partners
  • SD will setup a Doodle to assemble the workgroup in the next week

Data model

  • NRM team is working on more changes, to ready the current version for official adoption


  • a date has been set (15.-18. May 2017) for the DINA face-to-face meeting in Stockholm
  • a detailed program will follow, but the DINA TC agreed that this should be a technical meeting dedicated to driving the development of key DINA components forward
  • a half-day should be dedicated to updating a broader audience (most likely participating remotely) on the general progress; similarly a half-day will be dedicated to discuss how the results of the workshop impact the DINA roadmap

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