TC conference call - 31st of January 2017

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TC conference call - 31st of January 2017
Title TC conference call - 31st of January 2017
Location Adobe Connect virtual meeting room
Date Start 2017-01-31 14:00 UTC
Date End 2017-01-31 15:00 UTC


  • Update on data model work
  • Next steps with ChecklistBank as DINA taxonomy module reference implementation (preparation of a recommendation to the ISC)
  • Workgroup to define generic taxonomy (wrapper) API
  • Setting a date for a face-to-face meeting in Stockholm (late spring/early summer)
  • Any Other Business

Meeting notes from the 31st of Januari 2017


  • Stefan Daume (NRM)
  • Ingimar E (NRM)
  • Ida Li (NRM)
  • Kevin H (NRM)
  • Markus Skyttner (NRM)
  • James Macklin (JM)
  • Glen Newton (AAFC)
  • Falko Glöckler (MfN)


Data model discussions

SD reported on the meetings with James M who visited Stockholm last week and worked with Paul and the team in Stockholm on the data model for collections data. Progress was made, some of it available from the repo maintained by Paul.

The Stockholm team has involved people from the Uppsala museum in Sweden in the data model requirements work. Work is being undertaken to document entities and attributes.

Expect a report next week denoting a starting point, providing details for the refactored data model for supporting the core collections management tasks.

Taxonomy module discussions

SD updated on developments with regards to the work on the taxonomy module. Urmas informed other partners that the Estonian team cannot update Taxonomy Pluto-F module significantly before summer, due to resource availability. This means, we will shift system integration efforts away from the PlutoF module and instead work on the checklistbank taxonomy module now.

James M informed the group that he has bee in contact with people from Globalnames, because they're working on similar use cases. We may want to explore options for working together, a developer named Dmitry may be interested in being involved in this work, but nothing is definitive yet. It would be nice to define the API with input from experts at Globalnames and GBIF.

SD mentioned the gap analysis outlining higher level requirements / needs for the taxonomy module - see the doc from x-mas on the mailing list, which compares PlutoF to the clb-docker project.

SD notes that of the people present in the TC call, no one is opposing to move ahead with the clb module based on GBIF's taxonomy software.

James M asks for more detailed and deeper use use case descriptions. Apart from the Edinburgh materials presented by GN and issue #14 in Red Mine, we need more detailed requirements and we need to find a proper ambition levels for the first iterations of the taxonomy module functionality. JM reports that he will engage with people in CAN to find out more about the use cases.

Next face-to-face meeting

SD brings up the planning for the next face-to-face meeting... The location and time as well as the number of days to meet is discussed. Falko mentions earlier plans to hold the meeting in London, but there are budget concerns voiced from SD, instead advocating Stockholm and noting that we could send emissary to London if required. GN prefers Stockholm over London. Three from CAN can go. It would be nice to bring new devs onboard from CAN.

SD says we will arrange a doodle with three weeks that seems reasonable right now... We're planning 4 full days and blocking one full week so people can arrive on a Monday or leave on a Friday.

The doodle is here:

Any Other Business

MS asks for an update from last ISC meeting. SD reports that Copenhagen changed member status and that discussions were held about the MoC for the consortium and some suggested changes.

Falko suggest a round-robin style partner report to be requested from the group in the next TC meeting, with updates and reports on roadmap progress from all partners...

Next meeting

The next TC meeting is planned to be held on Valentine's Day the 14th of February, same time and location

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