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DINA is involved in the preparatory work for the European research infrastructure DiSSCo, the Distributed System of Scientific Collections.

Besides the contributions to the European project Synthesys+ DINA is involved in the proposed preparation phase of DISSCo. The proposed project called DISSCo Prepare copes with the preparation of the European infrastructure in several dimensions. One of the dimensions is the Technical Readiness of the infrastructure.

DINA is represented in DISSCo Prepare by the core member Museum für Naturkunde (MfN). MfN has a task lead in the workpackage Technical Architecture & Services provision (WP6) and is leading the workpackage Common resources & standards(WP5). As the DINA philosophy and guidelines are already considered highly relevant within DISSCo MfN applies the DINA approach throughout all its activities in DISSCo Prepare. The main objective of WP 6 is to bring the design of the DiSSCo technical architecture to the required maturity to provide a comprehensive implementation plan. The task 6.1 led by MfN is one of the major elements in this workpackage and focusses on DISSCo's interoperability with scientific data in collection management systems (CMS) of the partner organisations by establishing specifications and agreements for local DiSSCo facilities to achieve this.The task will include prototyping of APIs that are required to provide bi-directional interfaces for achieving the linkages between the data in the facilities through the DiSSCo Knowledge Graph.

Using the DINA system with it's well-documented API guidelines as one of the prototypes to connect to DISSCo strengthens DINA's role and open development approach within the Europe context.

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