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The focus of the Data Model Group is to evolve the Collections Data Model which is exposed through the corresponding API, the Collections API. The data model is focused on collections data and links from collections-data to data in external modules/resources. When it is desirable to explicitly refer to this fact, the data model be described using the name "DINA-Web Collections Data Model", and in contexts where it is obvious that the model is part of the DINA-Web system, it is also possible to use the name "Collections Data Model". However, it is not advisable to use acronyms unless necessary because of the risk of mistaking acronyms such as the DDM for the so-called Common Data Model, also abbreviated CDM.

The work of the Data Model Group is documented in the following github repos:

  • information-model. Contains discussions, ideas, draft entity-relations diagrams etc documenting the work in the data model interest group. Among other documents in the repo you will find a Table over use cases and how they are represented in the core part of the DDM (corresponding to the complex collection object (CCO) model proposed by Paul Morris and James Macklin).
  • example-data. Contains example data, test data and migration tools targeting the DDM API and other DINA-Web module APIs. The repo was previously named "sample-data".
  • docker-cli-tools. Provides the command line tools required to import and export data from CSV into the DINA-Web system, primarily through the DINA-Web Collections REST API (the API is implemented in the collections-api repo) that exposes the underlying data model from "'collections-data-model-docker'".
  • collections-data-model-docker. A liquibase implementation of the collections data model, documentation, tools for producing a docker implementation with test data. The repo was previously named "dw-cco", referring to the Complex Collections Objects core of the data model.

Find notes from modularization discussion in Module Notes.

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