ISC conference call - 17th February 2021

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ISC conference call - 17th February 2021
Title ISC conference call - 17th February 2021
Location Fredrik's zoom room
Date Start 2021/02/17 14:00 UTC
Date End 2021/02/17 16:00 UTC


  1. Election of a secretary for the meeting
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Signing of the DINA MoU (update)
  5. Review of DINA ISC decisions (Redmine)
    1. SeqDB/DINA-Sequences MoU
    2. DINA non-profit organization (Falko)
  6. Report from DINA TC (Satpal)
  7. SPNCH meeting update
  8. DINA communication/outreach, update (Falko)
  9. Partner reports
  10. Any other business
  11. Next meeting


Participants: Frederik, James, Satpal, Falko

  1. Election of a secretary for the meeting
    • Falko
  2. Approval of the agenda
    • Approved
  3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
    • Approved
  4. Signing of the DINA MoU (update)
    • AAFC => Done!
    • RBGE => no update
    • NRM => no decision
    • Station Linné has plans to become a new member to DINA
  5. Review of DINA ISC decisions (Redmine)
    • SeqDB/DINA-Sequences MoU
      • data migration from old to new module
      • suggestion: workflow from AAFC, but conduct migration by NRM
      • Fredrik's team could be part of a focus team for testing metabarcoding in DINA seqDB
      • close ticket for seqDB MoU
    • DINA legal entity (Falko)
  6. Report from DINA TC (Satpal)
    • DINA Status
      • AAFC is reporting release 1 is Completed
        • keycloak, multimedia, agents, seqencing workflow 1
        • new format for communication with focus group => success: more meetings, faster feedback
      • gave a demo to our Management, it was really well recieved
      • we were having some friction working with our clients but some new meeting structure has smoothed everything out and now we have a lot of trust and velocity
    • MfN dev team met with Christian for an overview of the codebase
      • We have talked about some deliverables for MfN to work on
      • Labels and Reports Module and Generic Data Module (GDM)
      • later will be transactions and loans
    • currently we are REALLY deep into the first data points for collection management modules
      • sites, collection events, etc...
      • we are getting to a really nice place by de-coupling the verbatim text and assertions/assumptions on verbatim
      • and this will be the same pattern used for determinations and other areas
    • AAFC has started back on the sequence module workflows
      • first step was placing "sample" information (DNA extration, etc..)
      • 80% of sequence module => decoupling physical entities and molecular sample data
    • AAFC’s UX designer is working really well
    • DINA model more samples-centric, because samples gets more important than specimens in the future
      • DINA as next generation CMS
  7. SPNCH and TDWG meetings update
    • James' SPNHC symposium => contains samples-centric view of DINA
    • SPNHC 2022 in Edinbourgh => critical May/June => maybe demo session
    • TDWG call we be opened soon
  8. DINA communication/outreach, update (Falko, James)
    • DINA name might be confused system vs. association
      • business model vs. system
    • Invitation letter to several people
      • TODO: draft by Fredrik in Google Docs
    • strong case on molecuar (biobanking) and living collections
    • TODO: graphical recording
    • TODO: James to contact his management about membership in an association
    • release 1 DINA-AAFC
      • Tell a success story
    • paper on the concept model
  9. Partner reports
    • NRM
      • Advanced Living Atlas
      • Docker HUb easy to use
    • MfN
    • AAFC
      • see TC report
  10. Any other business
    • none
  11. Next meeting

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