ISC conference call - 26th September 2018

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ISC conference call - 26th September 2018
Title ISC conference call
Location Google Hangout
Date Start 2018/09/26 13:00 UTC
Date End 2018/09/26 15:00 UTC


  1. Election of a secretary for the meeting
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Review of DINA ISC decisions (Redmine)
  5. Report from DINA TC
  6. Report from TDWG/SPNHC meetings, New Zealand
  7. Revision of DINA MoC
  8. Partner reports
  9. Any other business
  10. Next meeting


Participants: Martin (partly), Fredrik, James, Mikko, Elspeth, Falko

  1. Election of secretary for the meeting.
    • Falko
  2. Approval of the agenda.
    • approved
  3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.
    • approved
  4. Review of DINA ISC decisions (Redmine).
    • Falko Co-Chair of Task Group
    • Falko writes draft for internal DINA by 1. Dec.
  5. Report from DINA TC.
    • preparation of the DINA session at TDWG meeting 2018
    • lots of outreach besides TDWG
      • training on data management
      • Ingimar (Russia)
      • Karen (AAFC internally)
    • MfN:
      • labels & reports module released
      • Generic Data Module (GDM) released
      • Specify broker service => bridging Specify 7 & DINA labels (not published yet)
    • NRM
      • MVP 1 close to release
      • locality taxa
      • search tool
      • functional
      • UI improvement
      • data migration
      • Oct testing
    • AAFC
      • code revision of SeqDB => break out into several microservice
    • roll out of the system in other institutions (insect collection in Lund)

  6. Report from TDWG/SPNHC meeting, New Zealand.
    • symposium was a success
    • people from Arctos are willing to collaborate
    • topics throughout the conference:
      • collaboration
      • interfaces instead of re-inventing the wheel, reduce redundancy
      • interoperability: components talking to each other
      • guidelines are needed and DINA has them already!
    • DINA session
    • Specify consortium officially founded shorty after TDWG
    • Interest Group "Services & Clients" => publication is planned about existing biodiversity data services
    • DiSSCo & Synthesys+

  7. Revision of DINA MoC.
    • try to avoid too much details
    • license
      • "open source"
    • Mikko sets up a Google Doc so everyone can comment

    • circulate the revision of MoC by 15 Oct.
  8. Partner reports.
    • RBGE
      • Specify tests
      • Specify Consortium fees acceptable
      • Synthesys+ (JRA Stream leader), Mobilize, Dissco => high potential for DINA

    • Berlin
      • focussing on geoscientific data with the ABCD-EFG data standard & GeoCASe data portal

    • AAFC
      • lots of paper work done
      • coordination DINA infrastructure components => Karen Craston
      • Kick-off for DINA
      • insect collection database & research data
      • challenge of development across institutions
      • funds for design contractor

    • Stockholm
      • Synthesys+ with DINA related task
      • project manager wanted
      • collaborate: label / core collection manager should be aligned for first release
      • ISC => TC should try to find ways to contribute to all collections
      • own collection web portal should be replaced => GBIF SE will look into options 1) ALA (but no geology), 2) CKAN portal (at NHM)

    • Copenhagen
      • all museums in Specify 7, but Copenhagen still migrating its own data to Specify

  9. Any other business.
    • next meeting in winter => Ottawa
    • maybe align with SPNHC in Chicago in May
    • mailing list => Falko sends email to the old list
    • DISSCo: interested in DINA => Anders Telenius could include James & Falko to the next meeting during GBIC

  10. Next meeting.

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