ISC conference call - 2nd October 2019

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ISC conference call - 2nd October 2019
Title ISC conference call - 2nd October 2019
Location Google Hangout
Date Start 2019/10/02
Date End 2019/10/02


  1. Election of a secretary for the meeting
  2. New DINA MoU: Approval of final version
  3. Preparations for Biodiversity Next
    • Presentation
    • Postcards
  4. Next meeting



  1. Election of a secretary for the meeting
    • Falko
  2. New DINA MoU
    • James merged the commented versions of the MoU
    • Falko & Rolf (MfN legal expert) commented back and answered last questions
    • everyone is fine with the latest version
    • version was adopted
    • TODO @Falko: final cleaning of the document and publication the DINA website
    • the contracts need to be signed between the member institutions (representing the DINA consortium), because DINA itself is no legal body (e.g. association)
    • James' team has a light template for such contracts that could be used
    • Falko's team has existing development contracts that could be used exemplarily
    • TODO @James & Falko: draft a development contract based on each institutional template in order to see which one fits the best.
    • next steps:
      • drafting a template for the development contracts for Core Members
  3. Preparations for Biodiversity Next - Talk
    • the messages all DINA partner (but especially in the DINA Talk):
      • promote openess for more new partners
      • promote new MoU
      • present what's already been done
      • in 4 months time we will be able to demonstrate the progress from AAFC
      • promote public link to DINA prototype interface by NRM => (target group = end-users)
      • promite GitHub repo / issue tracking link (target group = technical staff)
    • TODO @Fredrik: organizes Login for test users for the DINA prototype interface
    • TODO @Falko: preparation of a first draft of slides for the talk
  4. Preparations for Biodiversity Next - Promotion material
    • draft for the back page (with QR code as stamp) has been approved
    • front page needs some more work in order to generate different variants for a decision
    • TODO @Falko: to print stickers with DINA logo
    • TODO @everyone: to add ideas for frontpage(s) and comment the postcards by 10th Oct.
    • TODO @Falko: finalization, set up a poll for voting for the front page remotely
    • TODO @Falko: to print the postcards and bring them to Biodiversity Next
  5. Any other business
    • SPNHC / ICOM conference in Edinburgh
      • maybe we could have a DINA session or talk or (closed technical) workshop
      • TODO @all: collect ideas by 15th Oct
    • Face to face meeting
  6. Next meeting

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