ISC conference call - 3rd December 2018

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ISC conference call - 3rd December 2018
Title ISC conference call - 3rd December 2018
Location Google Hangout
Date Start 2018/12/03
Date End 2018/12/03


  1. Election of a secretary for the meeting
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Review of DINA ISC decisions (Redmine)
  5. Report from DINA TC
  6. Revised DINA MoC: next steps (legal review, signing)
  7. Partner reports
  8. Any other business
  9. Next meeting



  1. Election of secretary for the meeting.
    • Falko (supported by Elspeth)
  2. Approval of the agenda.
    • approved
  3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.
    • approved with minor changes
  4. Review of DINA ISC decisions (Redmine).
    1. Falko summarised the proposal for a TDWG Task Group
      • Discussion:
        • Task Group should restrict itself slightly more to key, concrete, attainable, prioritised, time-bound tasks.
        • break it down into more specific tasks
        • TDWG could be the right organisation for a code review. It’s needed for DINA and this could be a space for this to be considered
      • ISC & TC to consider the current Task Group proposal before Christmas.
    2. updated ticket on Revision of DINA MoC (see below)
  5. Revision of DINA MoC: next steps.
    • Would be good to have an additional contract document for Core Members to be more binding
    • MfN's legal expert advised that there are different aspects of the current MoC which can be read in different ways, eg the constitution of the Steering Committee, etc. He reads it without knowing so much about the DINA Consortium, as a Letter of Interest/Intent. For a MoC he thinks it should be more of a contract with more detail on duties and rights of each member, and legal association/organisation aspects, eg voting etc. Falko will give him more background information and see if he still feels the same. There could also be a letter of interest for the more inclusive community and a further, more binding contract for the core group.
    • Legal advice can be complex in our institutes.
    • James will seek advice to determine best approach.
    • Core member contract could be drawn up by core members and updated more frequently as required.
    • James will develop a paragraph to include some text within the MoC to indicate that an additional contract will be created by the core members.
    • All core members to investigate any existing templates.
  6. Partner reports.
    • RBGE
      • Continuing to test Specify
      • Very interested in how it handles cultivated specimens and will be writing up a report on this which we can feed into DINA
      • also happy to contribute to the shared controlled vocabularies as we progress
    • AAFC
      • Looking closely at Sweden’s work and consultancy model
    • MfN
      • received large grant from ministry €660M. Most is allocated for building reconstruction. €100M is available for digitisation of collections and this will include technical staff for developing collection management system further.
      • Recently the DiSSCo Prepare WP 5 lead (Common Resources and Standards). WP 6 (Technical infrastructure) will be led by Senckenberg team. They are will to join the DINA Consortium too. This constellation could be beneficial for DINA.
    • NRM
      • Swedish node of GBIF at Stockholm. Development being carried out there is focussed on visualisation and analysis of local biodiversity data. 2019 and 2020 funding is now in place. Synergy with Living Atlases and DINA.
      • Intense period of development, including external consultants. Contracts being renewed up to June.
      • Mammal system should be completed by end of January. Second to be completed by April. Documentation needs to be completed. Handover of codebase will happen in the spring.
      • roll-out plan => time + ressources needed over a period of approx. 4 years
  7. Any other business.
    • DINA TC session @ Biodiversity Next 2019 (see abstract draft here)
    • suggestion to make session open to enable Arctos etc to join the session.
  8. Next meeting.
    • Short meeting to look at MoC in early January

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