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The International Steering Committee (ISC) is responsible for the strategic long-term decisions of the DINA consortium, and deals with legal, organizational and administrative issues. All consortium members (both Core Members and Associate Members) are represented on the ISC (if they wish).

The ISC has a permanent task force, the DINA Technical Committee (TC), which is responsible for the technical matters related to DINA development. The TC is represented in the ISC, to which it reports regularly. The ISC in turn provides the TC with general guidelines for its activities. The ISC may create additional task forces to deal with specific issues, if the need arises.

The ISC meets at least twice a year, typically using Web conferencing technologies. Minutes of the ISC meetings will be posted here.

Current ISC members

  • Falko Glöckler, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (chair) - contact: falko 'a dot' gloeckler 'at' mfn-berlin 'a dot' de
  • Jana Hoffmann, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (official MfN) - contact: jana 'a dot' hoffmann 'at' mfn-berlin 'a dot' de
  • James Macklin, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa - contact: james 'a dot' macklin 'at' agr 'a dot' gc 'a dot' ca
  • David Harris, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh (official RBGE) - contact: d 'a dot' harris 'at' rbge 'a dot' ac 'a dot' uk
  • Elspeth Haston, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh (substitute RBGE) - contact: e 'a dot' haston 'at' rbge 'a dot' ac 'a dot' uk
  • Fredrik Ronquist, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm and Station Linné (official SL) - contact: fredrik 'a dot' ronquist 'at' stationlinne 'a dot' se
  • Volker Lohrmann, Übersee-Museum Bremen - contact: v 'a dot' lohrmann 'at' uebersee-museum 'a dot' de

DINA ISC Decisions

Agendas and minutes from ISC meetings

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