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The Department of Bioinformatics and Genetics at the Swedish Museum of Natural History (Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, NRM) in Stockholm contributes several full-time developers, web editors and project management staff to the DINA project. The effort is supported by the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative, the Swedish Research Council through the Swedish LifeWatch Project, EU-BON, and the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Behind the Swedish effort is a consortium including major natural history collections in Sweden: Museum of Evolution at Uppsala University, the Göteborg Natural History Museum in Gothenburg, the Herbarium GB at the University of Gothenburg, the Zoological Museum of the Biological Museums of Lund University, Station Linné on Öland and the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.

NRM - in collaboration with all DINA partners - drives the DINA development and is also responsible for the development and testing of several DINA modules.

Main contacts (main domain is

  • Fredrik Ronquist (International Steering Committee representative) - contact: fredrik 'a dot' ronquist @ [followed by main domain]
  • Stefan Daume (Project management, Architecture coordination) - contact: stefan 'a dot' daume @ [followed by main domain]
  • Kevin Holston (Domain specialist)- contact: kevin 'a dot' holston @ [followed by main domain]
  • Markus Englund (Domain specialist) - contact: markus 'a dot' englund @ [followed by main domain]
  • Ida Li (Developer) - contact ida 'a dot' li @ [followed by main domain]
  • Ingimar Erlingsson (Developer) - contact: ingimar 'a dot' erlingsson @ [followed by main domain]
  • Markus Skyttner (System architect) - contact: markus 'a dot' skyttner @ [followed by main domain]
  • Mikko Heikkinen (Developer) - contact: mikko 'a dot' heikkinen @ [followed by main domain]

DINA-SE Steering Group

Members of the DINA-SE Steering Group:

  • Monika Myrdal, Museum of Evolution, Uppsala University
  • Claes Persson, Herbarium GB, University of Gothenburg
  • Per Lekholm, Göteborg Natural History Museum, Gothenburg
  • Göran Nilsson, Göteborg Natural History Museum, Gothenburg
  • Oskar Kindvall, Swedish Species Information Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Lars Lundquist, Biological Museum, Lund University
  • Karin Karlsson, Swedish Museum of Natural History
  • Kevin Holston, Swedish Museum of Natural History
  • Markus Englund, Swedish Museum of Natural History
  • Fredrik Ronquist, Swedish Museum of Natural History

Agendas (in Swedish)

Minutes (in Swedish)

DINA User Groups

Data import and system migration

User workshop in Stockholm (content in Swedish)

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