SETF conference call - 11. June 2014

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  • Christopher Lewis, Chief Bioinformatician in Biodiversity at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • James Macklin, Research Scientist, Botany and Biodiversity Informatics at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada *Elspeth Halston, Deputy Herbarium Curator at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
  • Robert Cubey, Plant record officer at Royal Botanic Garden Edingburgh
  • Mario …, Programmer at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburg, will be helping out with the migration into Specify/DINA. *Nikolaj Scharff, Head of collections and databases at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.
  • David Konrad, Programmer hired to implement the Media/Morphbank part in the DINA-system.
  • Falko Gloeckler, in charge of databases and all informatics issues in our MfN’s digitization efforts
  • Ingimar Erlingsson, Programmer Media server/The Naturalist, Stockholm
  • Kevin Holston, Domain Specialist DINA/Specify, Stockholm
  • Karin Karlsson, Group leader Bioinformatics team, Stockholm
  • Stefan Daume, Hosted and chaired this SETF call and will be coordinating the distributed development in the DINA-project, Stockholm

Next actions

Wiki setup and content – distribution of tasks among partners

  1. Falko is currently creating accounts for everybody in the Biowikifarm.
  2. Falko; option in Biowikifarm, do we want to use shared media and files or not? Need to set that up from the beginning. Stefan; implications? Falko; the whole idea of the Biowikifarm, we can share the uploaded files to every wiki.
    • We decided on the sharing media/file option.
    • Elspeth; we could have a private place in the wiki, links to files posted elsewhere.
  3. Stefan; please create one page for every partner for your contribution to the DINA-system.

Workshop  15-18th of September in Stockholm

  1. 15th of September SETF face-to-face meeting
  2. 16-18thof September – EU-BON workshop: “Alpha version of mobilization system“
    • Target group: Programmers, developers and system engineers, but open to anybody who might be interested to contribute or learn more about the DINA-system.
    • Suggestions for content to the workshop:
      • Presentations from all DINA-partners
      • Case studies
      • Delivery options:  creating installations from hosted environment, virtual machines down to code.
      • Repositories?
      • Tracking system?
    • Workshop expectations from the group:
      • Elspeth: would like to see installation techniques on the agenda. Suggestion; please record it and make it available on Youtube or similar.
      • James: high technology path and roadmap for developers. James would like to have the opportunity to participate online.
      • Stefan;  APIs, service oriented architecture,  guidelines and principles on how to build a module and join the DINA-system would definitely be on the agenda.
      • James: suggests that we should focus on use cases requirements over the summer, especially needed now with the new UI replacing Specify 7. Who is building this interface?
      • Falko: second that! Also would like to see something about how we do the testing of the modules and how to install a module. Falko is willing to test everything from user interfaces to APIs.
      • Stefan; we should also define how we are collaborating within the project, use cases, finding bugs and also how we can make it easy for others to use our system.
      • Stefan raised the question about license. It’s for the steering group to decide but we should give some advice on that.
    • Expected participants from the SETF group:
      • Nikolaj:David or/and Christian
      • Elspeth:Rob
      • Falko and possibly a colleague
      • James; strict travel budget but have applied for three of them to go to Stockholm. Chris, Allan and possibly one more.

Tentative schedule for future SETF calls

  • 2nd of July at 3 pm CET
  • 23rd of July at 3 pm CET
  • 27th of August at 3 pm CET
  • 3rd of September at 3 pm CET
  • 10th of September at 3 pm CET

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