SETF conference call - 23. July 2014

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  • Last meeting minutes
  • Prepare the Biowikfarm page for Domains/Disciplines for “user stories/use cases”:
 *   Botany/Mycology
 *   Paleology
 *   Zoology
 *   Bacteria/Virus
 *   Living organisms
 *   Minerology
 *   Non-domain specific functionality (ie documents about containers in Specify)
  • SE Visit Edingburgh 29th-31th of July.
  • Skype meeting Friday 1st of August 3 pm CET with SE/DK and Greg Riccardi/Shiva Krishna, Morphbank
  • Pre-TDWG DINA-meeting, suggested date is Friday 24th 12-16 Suggestions for hotels has been sent out to DINA-consortium members.


Participants: Elspeth Haston, David Konrad, Falko Glöckler, Kevin Holston, Karin Karlsson

Last meeting minutes
Instead of asking for comments we decided it is better to ask if anybody made any changes to the minutes.


We will wait with creating the pages for the domains/disciplines until everbody is back from vacation/maternal leave. Karin will create a draft with the domains/discipliness were we can start to fill in subordinary domains/disciplines.

Workshop in September
We need to find a solution to be able to participate remotely. Karin will look into different possibilties. James Macklin and maybe also Falko Glöckler will not be able to particpate otherwise. We can also use this to document the workshop at the same time.

  • Elspeth mentioned that it is a good idea to continue to work on the user stories on the side until we have the structure ready on the Biowikifarm page.
  • Falko will put up information about the upcoming Digitization workshop in Berlin on the Biowikifarm page.

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