SETF conference call - 27. August 2014

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Time: 13:00 UCT

Location: Google Hangout




Elspeth Haston, Rob Cubey, Chris Lewis, James Macklin, Karin Karlsson, Kevin Holston, Markus Skyttner, Ingimar Erlingsson, Stefan Daume

Follow-up last meetings

  • no comments on follow-up meetings

Wiki content & structure

  • we need to continue completing the basic partner information on the Wiki
  • we will discuss content and structure further during the SETF face-to-face meeting (15.09.2014) prior to the workshop in September

Input/request regarding September workshop

  • Participation:
    • several people have expressed an interest to particpate remotely in the workshop;
    • NRM will explore options to allow all interested to join in remotely both for the SETF face-to-face as well as the workshop
  • Programme:
    • expectations: clarification/discussion of technical issues, future DINA architecture and roadmap
    • NRM will send out programme in the next days


  • DINA workshop at TDWG will most likely be on Tuesday (28.10.)
  • a DINA/SETF meeting prior to TDWG is planned for Friday 24.10. at NRM Stockholm
  • the TDWG "Access to Digitisation Tools & Methods" symposium/workshop is seeking contributions; NRM promised to post this on the EUBON website

Next call: 10. September 2014. No call on 3. September!

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