TC call

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TC call
Title TC call
Date Start 2019/06/12
Date End 2019/06/12


  • Round table updates
  • AAFC DINA Visions presentation


  • Satpal presented a conslidation of the AAFC DINA visions including a Product Vision, Data Model Vision, Infrastructure Vision and rough timelines for implementation which are oriented around supporting the AAFC BioMob project Digitization work.
  • The first modules AAFC would like to build is a Multimedia and Document Module and an Agents Module.
  • Falco mentioned that Berlin is also working on a Multimedia module as well and would like to see more of what AAFC is planning.
  • Falco also mentioned the Labels Module and AAFC should take a look at that.
  • Falco introduced the new Berlin Data Migrator - Christian B.
  • Berlin has agreed to look at the proposed data model for the collection management module and review and validate it for July 2019.
  • Berlin will present the Labels module overview at the next TC call ( need to confirm with Falco if he will be ready )

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