TC conference call - 05. April 2016

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TC conference call - 05. April 2016
Title TC call
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  • Progress reports from teams
  • Suggested draft QA guidelines - pls review! Provided here: and adoption of Release guidelines - pls review! Are further changes required? Pls review here: ... Once decided these guidelines will be added to DINA-Web welcome page and to
  • Announcement: a preview of the Collection Manager UI can be demoed on the next TC meeting
  • ISC wants a report on progress and issues from TC before next meeting (planned for 18 May, Fredrik will call for this meeting soon) - pls provide your input (major progress points and your major concerns)
  • DINA Technical workshop June, Berlin - focus on information model and new UI for DINA Collection Manager.


Attending: James Macklin, Allan Jones, Glen Newton (CAN), Martin Stein, Thomas Stjernegaard Jeppesen, David Konrad (DEN), Markus Skyttner, Ingimar Erlingsson, Ida Li, Kevin Holston, Karin Karlsson (SWE).

Report from Sweden

  • Recent activities have been focused on system performance issues, with discussions about UI development raising implications of data model constraints. Although current APIs and user interfaces are backwards compatible with Specify 6, the first version of changes considered relevant need to be clarified. The Swedish team met to discuss progress on the integration project involving the Estonian taxonomy module, and more progress on this integration as well as installation of the local SeqDB server is expected in three weeks.

Report from Canada

  • James described recent political events with long-term implications on the TC activities and the international DINA collaboration, including upcoming possibilities to hire developers.

"To support modern agricultural science in Canada, Budget 2016 proposes to provide $30 million over six years, starting in 2016–17, to Agriculture and Agri Food Canada to support advanced research in agricultural genomics. Investments in specialized scientific equipment and expertise will allow Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to accelerate the DNA analysis and digital recording of the department’s collection of over 17 million physical specimens of insects, plants, fungi, bacteria and nematodes. This will improve public accessibility to this collection and will support research in priority areas, including climate change and the rapid identification and prevention of biological threats to agriculture."

  • The section of the Canadian proposal for meta-genomics and environmental monitoring identifies SeqDB as the selected platform. In the interest of improving the usefulness and availability of anticipated datasets, James will hold a workshop in Spring 2016 on metadata standards in environmental monitoring.
  • James reported that he will get in touch with Paul to follow up on the discussions of the relational data model.

Report from Denmark

Time allocated to DINA activities outside Specify database migration is rather limited due to external commitments (e.g., David is working on a citizen science project). Andy Bentley from the Specify team in Kansas will hold a workshop for training users that will take place during late April at ZMUC (Copenhagen) directly followed by a training session with the user group at the GNM (Gothenburg).

Suggested draft QA guidelines

There have been some comments to the current draft, but a final round of review is needed in order to adopt the release guidelines. Once stable, these guidelines will be added to the DINA-Web wiki and to In particular, the quality assurance guidelines need detail on preferences among available tools as well as clarity on the working procedures. Generally, the QA tester is expected to give kind recommendations (iteratively) that would identify appropriate changes to be made, ultimately leading to a pass score in an updated release.

Announcement: preview of the Collection Manager UI

The Collection Manager UI (on GitHub) will be available to TC members in approximately three weeks for feedback. The Swedish team is working on providing a more refined (renonymized) test dataset that addresses user requests involved in the testing.

ISC progress report

ISC has asked for reports on progress and issues from the TC before next meeting (planned in May). Please provide your input (major progress points and your major concerns) to Karin and Markus S.

Other business

Fredrik will lead the TC workshop in June at MfN, Berlin (hosted by Falko). A list of attendants has not been compiled, and agenda items will be added as they are received by the workshop planning group.

Action points

  • Glen, and others, will provide feedback on the Quality Assurance guidelines.
  • Karin will send a request to start a list of agenda items for the Berlin meeting.
  • James will determine when Paul is available to discuss data model issues ("Complex Collection Objects").

Next meeting 26. Apr 2016, 13.00 UCT

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