TC conference call - 27th of September 2016

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TC conference call - 27th of September 2016
Title TC call
Location Adobe Connect virtual meeting room
Date Start 2016/09/27 13:00 UTC
Date End 2016/09/27 14:00 UTC
Description TC conference call


  • Progress reports from teams and news @ GitHub
  • News from ISC meeting
  1. in relation to PlutoF classifications module from ISC meeting (Alan)
  2. meeting notes will be made available soon at
  • Progress for remake of API guidelines w/ Blueprint markdown (GN)
  • Progress for Redmine + Backlogs with Roadmap/backlog (FG)
  • Planning f2f-meeting in Edinburgh
  1. Filling out Doodle at for scheduling a date
  2. Creating a shortlist of topics
  3. Road Map discussions
  • Any Other Business

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