TC conference call - 30. July 2015

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TC conference call - 30. July 2015
Title TC call
Location Google Hangout
Date Start 2015/07/30 13:00 UTC
Date End 15:00 UTC
Tags TC
Description Next TC remote meeting


  1. Decision on guidelines for licensing
  2. Decision on guidelines for style
  3. Dates for DINA Technical workshop Copenhagen
  4. "SETF" mailinglist
  5. DINA poster for TDWG meeting
  6. SeqDB installation Stockholm
  7. Any other business, please add more items here!


Present: Ingimar, Kevin, Karin, Satpal, James, Falko, Rob, Allan, Kessy, Glen

Decision on guidelines for licensing

Discussions around the previous meetings suggestions underscored interest in pursuing open-source licenses for DINA code, like those accepted by the Google Source community. Potential conflicts arise with state-owned software made available to DINA and larger development communities or projects (e.g., Apache). An additional statement, indicating that “the DINA project is not requiring transfer copyright”, should be added to the guidelines. The DINA logo is recommended for public domain licensing because unapproved code or project association is the “worst case scenario” for logo misuse.

Decision on guidelines for style

The font (used on may need to be stronger, or darker, to comply with WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines and a possible style font guideline is Google Noto. The TC will consider providing style specifications and other compatibility details about software in reports, otherwise, users would discover these issues only after installing applications.

Dates for DINA Technical workshop Copenhagen

The first week of November works well for the majority of TC participants. Karin will need to confirm the week with Nikolaj and Kessy will talk to Urmas to make sure it does not collide with a planned EU BON meeting. Falko added the preliminary meeting dates to the new DINA calendar on the Wiki. Glen suggested a coding session as an agenda point for the Copenhagen workshop.

"SETF" mailinglist

Communication for the TC using the “SETF” mailing list has been discontinued temporarily during August. If the current mail server can be configured so administrative approval (from Martin) is not required before sending messages, then the TC plans to continue using the current list in the Fall. This mailing list, or other methods like closed Google groups, are preferred by the TC because it provides an archive and helps insure that messages are received by all members.

DINA poster for TDWG meeting

The corrected version of the DINA poster to be presented at the 2015 TDWG meeting is ready to be printed. Karin, Ingimar, Kevin, and James are planning to attend. James will have several TDWG presentations, representing a few other collaborations, and suggests that meeting attendees come prepared to give software demos for the applications mentioned on the poster.

SeqDB installation Stockholm

Ingimar and Satpal have been successful in setting up a test setup of SeqDB at Stockholm, which will be used by Niclas (Center for Genetic Identification) for a detailed examination of the system. When SeqDB is moved to a new container, Wildfly, there will be configuration changes and a new WAR file will be generated for the Stockholm installation. “We have a real use case here....”

Other business

  • Glen suggested the need for a coherent communications strategy for DINA.
  • Glen indicated the need to address web application security. He will draft a document, get feedback from TC members, and present OWASP requirements as an agenda item for the next TC meeting.
  • After the last summer meeting in August, the TC will meet every second week.

Action Items

  • The TC members will continue to propose agenda items for the DINA Technical Workshop, Copenhagen.
  • Markus S and Karin will provide feedback, particularly to Glen, on licenses and font so DINA guidelines can be approved and presented to the steering committee.
  • After investigating administrative flexibility for the current mail service in more depth by Martin, the TC will decide on either a reconfigured mailing list for Fall 2015 or identify an alternative that does not require administrative approval in order to send messages.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, 26. August, 2015 15-17 (13-15 UTC)

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