TC conference call - 5th of July 2016

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TC conference call - 5th of July 2016
Title TC conference call - 5th of July 2016
Location Hangouts
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Description TC conference call


  • Summarizing and deciding on follow-up action items from Berlin f2f-meeting
  • Renaming repos - implementing a suggestion from the Berlin workshop
  • Discussion: a database agnostic implementation strategy - strengths and weaknesses?
  • Deploying, running and operating a redmine-with-agile instance - admin? migration? hosting? maintenance? backups?
  • Any Other Business


Attending: James Macklin, Allan Jones, Glen Newton (CAN), Markus Skyttner (SWE).

Progress Report since the Berlin workshop

  • A lot of people are on summer vacations currently, still some progress was made since the Berlin meeting...
  • A new version of the revised DINA-Web Collections Data Model, currently aka dw-cco, was made available at, it works with two database engine backends currently - mysql and mariadb. Support for postgres and sqlite3 should be added next.
  • Further improvements and additional functionality has been added to the Collections Manager UI in the last few weeks.
  • A few additional items were logged since. These need to be considered for the web api guidelines.

Discussion about database-agnostic designs

  • A discussion about database agnostic design was held and the group agreed that currently we may want to invest reasonable efforts towards being database agnostic, and specifically we should target three database engines as being of primary importance for relational data: mysql/mariadb, postgres and sqlite3.
  • The group also agreed to always make efforts to involve PM in the special interest group that works with implementing the data model and to bring him into the discussion of having database-agnostic design as a goal within the project.

Discussion about collaboration tools

  • The Canadian team are able to look into operating a RedMine instance with support for agile projects, such as RedMine + Agile or RedMine + Backlogs. It is probably to synch and coordinate this effort with Falko who has also previously offered to operate a similar system with the intent to provide a collaboration platform allowing the capture and management of specific tasks related to the road map. Quick research indicates that there are free options providing turn-key ready images for RedMine with support for "agile" projects available from Docker Hub see: and

Renaming several modules

  • A suggestion was presented for renaming several repos at GitHub, to make names more clear and easier to understand.

No changes or objections were found so the changes proposed in the proposal will be implemented and should be available before the next TC-meeting.

Other business

  • No other business

Next meeting

Next meeting 26. July, 13:00 UCT

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