TC conference call - 8th of November 2016

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TC conference call - 8th of November 2016
Title TC call - 8th of November 2016
Location Adobe Connect virtual meeting room
Date Start 2016-11-08 14:00 UTC
Date End 2016-11-08 15:00 UTC


Agend from last (CANCELLED) meeting (25.10.2016)

  • Progress reports from teams and news @ GitHub
  • Remake of API guidelines w/ Blueprint markdown (GN)
  • Redmine + Backlogs with Roadmap/backlog (FG)
  • Topics for f2f-meeting in Edinburgh (MS)
  • Any Other Business

Agenda (0811.2016)

  • GitHub news: from SWE report that does provide a web-based proof of concept for running Inselect in the browser! Could this become a future component of DINA-Web? Lawrence Hudson may be interested in joining us at the Edinburgh meeting.
  • Discussing preparations for the Edinburgh meeting (
    • Is Estonia coming?
    • Has enough planning been made or should we "wing it" with the rest?
    • Would there be interest to hold an extra call next week to prepare discussion items?
  • Did GN/CAN update the Guidelines yet?
  • Did Falko launch the yet? Does email work for him through
  • Update from latest ISC meeting (?)
  • Any Other Business

Meeting notes From 8th of November 2016


  1. James Macklin (JM)
  2. Glenn Newton (GN)
  3. Satpal Bilkhu (SB)
  4. Thomas Stjernegaard TS)
  5. Elspeth Haston (EH)
  6. Stefan Daume (SD)
  7. Ida Li (IL)
  8. Ingimar Erlingsson (IE)
  9. Markus Englund (ME)

Agenda: - progress reports from teams and news

1) Report from Ottawa: James & Glenn & Satpal

  1. James reports on progress on the seqDB
  2. Satpal reports on ongoing work on seqDB (based on the Stockholm-requirements) and the phases, order of fulfilling the needs.
  3. Glenn says that he is going to push his work on the Dina Guidelines, see Action-Points

2) Report from Stefan.

  1. Stefan tells about the visit from GBIF:s Markus Döring, discussion about the GBIF checklists
  2. Stefan tells about the visit from NHM (Lawrence&Lawrence), Inselect workshop here at NRM.
  3. Tells about the work Markus skyttner did with Lawrence&Lawrence , Dockerized inselect ( )

3) Report from Thomas.

  1. Thomas tells about the ongoing work , implementing Specify 7 in DK.
  2. Thomas tells about how they are using GBIF-checklists.

4) Report from Elspeth.

  1. Discussion about the organization of F2F in Edinburgh.
  2. suggestions on splitting up in workgroups.
  3. ex. suggestion from Stefan : 2 groups on Classifications, one group more technical ( method on how-to-work : ability to work incremental )

Discussion about Taxonomy :

  1. Thomas tells shortly about how they have been using GBIF checklists.
  2. Glenn has a proposal on how to use GBIF:s checklist
  3. Some proposal before Edinburgh ?


  • That Glenn and Ingimar&Markus Skyttner will have a meeting about the Guidelines before Edinburgh
  • That Glenn looks into his suggestion on how to use GBIF:s Checklists ( sharing 'use-cases')
  • Stefan-or-Englund call for a meeting on the 'Datamodel' before Edinburgh
    • Suggestion on a Meeting around the datamodel involving the 'datamodel'-team from NRM + Paul and/or James

disclaimer These notes where scribbled down during the meeting and I was asked to share them, Ingimar

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