TC conference call - 9. June 2015

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Time: 13:00 UCT Location: Google Hangout


  1. Where are we => still in a strategic stage?
  2. Implementation of Specify 7?
  3. Testing the web-based Workbench?
  4. Demo DINA Data Tool - DK-team
  5. new dates for the virtual workshop ?


Present: Ingimar, Kevin, Karin, Ida, Fredrik, Markus, Thomas, David, Martin, Nikolaj, Kessy, Satpal, Rob, Falko, Elspeth, James, Glen

Where are we => still in a strategic stage?

We need to provide users with an interface – put users in the forefront of out strategic plan. How we approach system modularization, using our shared resources effectively, remains a major concern. At the core of the strategy are the API standard, web design guidelines, and the module map.

Implementation of Specify 7?

If changes to the front end cover these requirements, then the API that is already available from Kansas could be sufficient. It may need to be brought up to (documented, versioned DINA) API standards, but we should not change the Specify data model. Specify 7 represents the end of the Specify chain of development, James Macklin will be a driving force for the next development phase for this collection management system.

Testing the web-based Workbench?/Demo DINA Data Tool - DK-team

A test version of DDT will be updated and available for discussion in the TC meeting. Elspet also suggested a DDT webinar for the next TC meeting.

Action Items

identify what will not be provided by Specify 7 that represents functionality (features) requirements from our users. Define a “minimal viable product” for the new DINA collection manager

Next Meeting

Thursday 2. July, 2015 15-17 (13-15 UTC)

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